A downloadable game for Windows

a Pirates without Borders game.

Limitless Sky Pirate

Created as a solo project as a part of PTBOGameJam 04 in Feb 2018

Guide your pirate wherever you like! Rack up booty before you run out of time.

  • Click 'Walk The Plank' to Begin
  • Movement: W, A, S D Keys & Space to Jump
  • Camera: Move the mouse!
  • High scores rule all on the seas.
  • Explore all you like, but bullets hurt the most
  • Yaaaaar

Using assets provided by: http://pirate-jam.com/resources,  https://unity3d.com/.

Install instructions

Unzip to the folder of your choice.

Run LimitlessSkyPirate exe file.


LimitlessSkyPirate_0.9.zip 29 MB

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